En FlowingData han publicado un artículo sobre el nuevo site ‘datacéntrico’ (perdonen señores de la RAE) del New York Times: The Upshot. Como ya sabréis este nuevo portal toma el relevo del escindido FiveThirtyEigth del brillante Nate Silver, que ha sido apartado del NYT en condiciones aún poco claras.

“One of our highest priorities will be unearthing data sets — and analyzing existing ones — in ways that illuminate and explain the news. Our first day of material, both political and economic, should give you a sense of what we hope to do with data. As with our written articles, we aspire to present our data in the clearest, most engaging way possible. A graphic can often accomplish that goal better than prose. Luckily, we work alongside The Times’s graphics department, some of the most talented data-visualization specialists in the country. It’s no accident that the same people who created the interactive dialect quiz, the deficit puzzle and the rent-vs-buy calculator will be working on The Upshot.” (David Leonard, Editor)